Fadi Yazigi

Opening: Monday February 6, 2017 at 7pm
Exhibition: 6-24 February

Recognised as one of the region’s most fascinating, figurative artists working today, Yazigi will be showing a broad range of new pieces, including colourful works on paper, paper bags and rice paper, alongside small-scale sculptures.

Reflective and contemplative, the show is, in part, a tribute to a special friend of the artist who passed away recently. Memories, the past and coping with both loss and survival are among the themes that run through the exhibition

Many of the pieces on show feature a bird as their subject, sometimes flying, but often stable and grounded, indicating both the artist’s decision to remain in his homeland, even in the midst of war, rather than take flight, and also his hope for the future. Recalling his late, dear friend, Yazigi notes: “He could be this bird made of bronze holding wings. Because he was here and suddenly he’s no longer around.”
For more information: www.daralfunoon-kw.com

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